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Using Squeeze Pages and Autoresponders as Your Affiliate Site Marketing Strategy

Using Squeeze Pages and Autoresponders as Your Affiliate Site Marketing Strategy

If you’re not using squeeze pages and autoresponders yet, you’ll be relieved to learn how these two tools can make your affiliate marketing efforts much more effective. Using squeeze pages to get conversions is an effective method that is eased by the use of an autoresponder. This strategy pays off when used for high paying conversion efforts. To get started, you’ll have to write up plenty of good, interesting, helpful content for your website. Build a website that offers information about the topic of your choice. Stay away from anything splashy or schmoozy and instead provide respectable, useful information. But don’t give away the best information – build up anticipation by doling out useful gems that lead to a need for your final offer, the information or service or product that is provided in your high payout offer.

You’ll need to gather their contact information so you can start marketing to these people directly. You can get this information by offering some free content (make it good or they won’t commit) and then asking them to register on your site (for free) to get more valuable information on your site.

Once you get their contact info, you need to send them a helpful email with some very useful information on it. Next you will want to send them a second helpful email, with truly useful information on it, and include in that email an offer (free) that you will monetize (these are usually low-paying offers that only require them to enter their contact info again). Send them a follow up email after that with additional information and your pitch for your big offer, the one you really want to sell.

This is a multi-step process, but a copywriter can help you get the emails and web pages written. Using an autoresponder will also cut down on your time commitment.

By building trust, providing valuable information for free, and showing yourself to provide worthwhile offers, you’ll make the bigger sales happen.

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